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Not able to download certificate even though course is completed

I have an account through state login but i am not able to download certificates for some courses which are completed while everyone else got them. The certificates for those trainings are not showing up even though I completed them multiple times. Please reply asap

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I completed the course, but did not got the certificates. Now authorities are demanding the completion certificates. How can you help to get these certificates.

I got only five certificates even though I completed the courses

I am unable to download certificates for two courses- School Initiatives and School Based Assessment.

Unable to get the certificates for the third course what to do?  

I have completed my courses in 3rd course but i could not certificate till now unable to get it 

In August, I had completed all the three courses of the first batch in the Nishtha Online Courses at the Secondary Level, but received certificates for two only. Still awaiting the certificate for the Curriculum and Inclusive Education Course. Kindly do the needful and issue the certificate for the aforementioned course. Thank you.

I had completed my course multiple times but it still showing ongoing. It doesn't show completed. What to do.??? Please , require guidence.
I have completed my curriculum and inclusive classroom course but till not received certificate
Complete the course but certificate in not downloading

i want to down load certificates once again

Out of the 22 courses that I have completed, I have received certificates only for 15 courses and for the remaining courses though I have completed it within the stipulated time, it keeps taking me to the same quiz page multiple times and I have attempted the quiz many times still it doesn't update and for a few other courses it shows completed but the certificates I have not received.
I am facing a similar issue. I have not received certificates for 5 to 6 courses which shows completed. And for a few other courses it keeps taking me to the Quiz page many times. I have attempted the quiz 6 to 7 times still doesn't get submitted though it was not out of date.
I have completed 22 courses but received the certificates only for around 15 courses. The other courses for which I have not received any certificates are taking me to the same page of quiz again and again.

Not able to find my Certificates

I have been completed teacher training pocket book but the certificates are not getting yet.please help me to resolve it at the earliest.
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