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Not able to download certificate even though course is completed

I have an account through state login but i am not able to download certificates for some courses which are completed while everyone else got them. The certificates for those trainings are not showing up even though I completed them multiple times. Please reply asap

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i completed 6 courses of training but not issue the certificate and status  is pending so help the rgarding proble and resolve my proble its was what is the reason of

 thanks too having the same problem 100% completed but certificate didn't issued
I completed my 3 courses in September but hv not got certificates .I hv also mailed earlier with attachments .download option is not there despite of the statement showing that I hv successfully vo molested my 3 courses in September .
I have completed my course but I didn't get my certificate pls resolve this issue
I don't understand how the app works. See the attachment
I don't understand the way this app is created. It shows random results at times. I have completed all Nishtha training but still showing ongoing. My fellow teachers have to reinstall the app to get certificates.
Yes,same here
Same problem with me. I registered through Google account. I already completed my course from Meghalaya Board but still. I have been waiting for the certificate of completion.
I had been completed my courses but I have not received my certificate
I have completed the module 3 course. There U have completed successfully written but eye icon don't show for my certificate download. So please suggest me the right way.
I have completeted the course but for module 3 ,i couldn't able to download the certificate of that module as its showing going on.I have checked multiple time in the module 3 and found that last congratulation chapter is not showing green tick mark .please replay ASAP.
I had completed 2 courses but didn't recieve course certificate
I have completed module-3 in diksha. It is showing that course was completed. But certificate is not yet generated.
This is to inform you that I , Pallavi Singh, completed my training DL_Developing Personal-Social Qualities (PSQ) for Creating a Safe and Healthy School Environment and DL_ Health and Well-being in Schools. I have not received certificates for both of these trainings. Please help me with this issue
Sir I am complete 22 course in deeksha app but only 3 course certificate received Plz resolved my course certificate problem and release my certificate
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