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Not Able to download certificate

I hv completed 3 courses but not been able to get Dow load option to get my certificates for the same pl. Help

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I have completed three courses but now it is not showing in my profile and I am unable to download these certificates. Please help.
I have completed Diksha and Nishtha app training but I have not gotten certificate yet.
I have completed my basic course 2 and 3 many days ago ( basic course 2 about a month ago) but still I am not able to get the certificate. It is showing completed but not the certificate option. Please help fast.
I have completed my nistha program me I T C but certificate not found
I have completed Diksha Basic course-2 on17.10.2020 but still I did n't get certificate.Please help me.
Completed Karnataka state course - 2 in kannada a week ago, couldn't download the certificate. It's showing-ongoing.
I have completed course 4 of nishtha training many days before but certificate is not visible yet. Please help regarding the same
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