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Certificate printing error

I hav completed my certificates but in my last 2 certificates . Certificates are not printed properly and is not clear looks like an printing error

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I am a Diksha user. I have completed my nishtha module 3 training 100% but it is showing 95% . Course time is ended. Please help me.
Sir, I am a user of diksha app I have completed last six module and certificate issued by the app showed different from others teachers. Sir help me

certyficate problems

Completed course many times but still showing incomplete.Batch is extended for course but when I open them it shows batch ended on 31st March.I had rated in the course section also for technical error.And also in help section for the issue.
I have complted the course under Assam State system .But my PSQs for holistic development module shows central board of secondary education as board .It should be Government Of Assam.please rectify the error
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