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No green tick on my profile

Diksha profile,No green tick on my profile.please Solve it. where is the problem please inform me.

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Correction of my certificate please send diksha app
I have fully completed my 6th module. But it shows only 93% progress.6.7 and 6 .13 portion is not accepting my submission.

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Course is completed on the last closing date but green tick is not showing.
My diksha I'd have no green verification tick. Please try to solve my problem as soon as possible.
Unable to complete module -3 as the submission of last column which is "congratulations" is not getting green ticked.though it is accepting my submission.

green tick is not there in my profile also , and  our school cluster is also not found in the app, hence I fail to add my School .

Not being able to complete my 3rd module as content is not downloading. It shows refresh and try again. Updated the app and phone but still not working. Stuck in 97 %
Complete course contents not displaying in my profile alongwith no green tick shown in my diksha account, Pl resolve it as soon be possible.
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