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Not able to see certificates for completed training

I have completed training for Nishtha phase 3 . Now the app doesn't show the certificates of previous training. It says certificates already downloaded in folder

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I have completed my trainings but many of them are not offering certificates while others have received certificates for the same trainings

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I have also completed the training but certificate is not coming yet

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I have completed the courses but havent recd the certificates while others have Immediately recd it. I have recd only 2 certificates out of 6 courses that I have completed.
I have completed 6 courses but have recd the certificates only for 2. While the rest of my colleagues have recd it immediately , my certificates have not been sent.
Same issue

My certificates for experiential learning and competency based learning courses completed

I completed my couse and not received certificate
I want to second chance for diksha training.. First chance complete 2 training but certificate not issue...
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