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Kindly note that I have completed the Experiential Learning Course on 16 Oct.2020. It shows the course completed but I have not received the certificate yet.

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I have completed my course on 17th August but still not received certificate of OD- M- III Please help
I have complted the course module 1 and 2 of CPD.CURRICULUM AND INCLUSIVE CLASSROOMS AND ICT LEARNING...but no certificate is generated.
I have completed the course of CISE school from Diksha teaching and learning course but did not get my three certificates 1. Computer science 2. Covid 19 3. Child abuse Rights of POSCO

Ididn't get certificate.

My covid- 19 course certificate please give me
I have SUCCESSFULLY completed my DIKSHA Kalashiksha shastra COURSE 09 on 15 October 2020 but certificate not received yet. Tell me what I do because expensed lots of time in Covid-19 .
I is showing your progress has not being updated.And I didn't get the certificate also

1 2 3  baddal boltey

I have completed my course(2 of them) and certificate not issued.

How to go about it please advice.


Modul 7,8,9 che certificate aalele nahit

I  have completed course but not received certificate 


i completed Maths pedagogy but got blank certificate

I have SUCCESSFULLY completed my DIKSHA_JH_TPD_BASIC COURSE 4 ON 19/11/2020 but certificate not received yet.
I completed my course but not have received certificate yet
I have completed my TDP basic course 2 but certificate not found
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