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Kindly note that I have completed the Experiential Learning Course on 16 Oct.2020. It shows the course completed but I have not received the certificate yet.

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Diksha training certificate not issued Please give me
A I have completed my three courses of NISHTHA training but I have not been able to get the certificate yet
I have completed diksha training module 04 but certificate not showing please give me as soon as possible
I did not get my certificate
I completed my course but not have received my certificate yet.

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I have completed my TDP basic course 2 but certificate not found
I completed my course but not have received certificate yet
I have SUCCESSFULLY completed my DIKSHA_JH_TPD_BASIC COURSE 4 ON 19/11/2020 but certificate not received yet.

i completed Maths pedagogy but got blank certificate

I  have completed course but not received certificate 

Modul 7,8,9 che certificate aalele nahit

I have completed my course(2 of them) and certificate not issued.

How to go about it please advice.


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I is showing your progress has not being updated.And I didn't get the certificate also
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