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As I have completed my three courses of NISHTHA training but I have not yet received any certificate.

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Though I have completed my Nistha2.0 course module 1, 9, 12 on dated 30thJanuary,2023. Still I have not received my certificate.
Hello, I have completed 2 trying modules on Diksha before 2 days...My score for both the training is more than 70% as per certificate criteria, despite of this I did not received certificate on Diksha. Infact it shows ongoing training. Last year I received all the traing certificates. Below I have listed the name of the training and also please find attached images of my score. 1) PY-Art Intigrated Learning Batch 1 2) PY-Personal-Social Qualities For Holistic Development Batch 1 Thank you. Sarla Moghe

I  have completed my course 100% still I did not got my certificate it's been more than 3 weeks.

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