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Non receipt of certificate

After completing the course successfully, I have not received the certificate yet. The course name is CBSE_Integration ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Pl do the needful.

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Completed the course HR ICT but not received the certificate
After completion of Competency Based Education Module 4 on 5th November, I have not received the certificate yet.
I have not received my certificate yet
I've completed a course named JK_Integration Of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment and also downloaded the certificate but the certificate generated is blank.Please help me.
I have completed the courses शिक्षण अधिगम प्रक्रिया में जेंडर आयामों की प्रासंगिकता शिक्षण अधिगम और मूल्यांकन में आईसीटी का समन्वय bt not received Certificates. Plz help
I have completed my module 3 (ICSE HEALTH AND WELL BEING IN SCHOOL )of course 1 and module 4(ICSE INTEGRATING GENDER IN TEACHERING LEARNING PROCESS)of course 2 but not getting option for downloading certificate .

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I couldn't receive compilation certificate till date though I have completed my course approx 2 month ago in November 2020.Module-5.Delhi, SCERT. I HAVE WRITTEN YOU MANY TIMES. Please look into the matter and do the needful. Course is-integration of ICT in teaching, learning and assessment. My diksha id is rajendra-46mt. Please help to send my certificate.
I have comleted the courses of module5 that is integration of ICT in teaching learning and assesment but I could not receive the completion certificate till now my diksha id is. sunita-288i odisha sundergarh. please help me
Certificate up course not coming

Not received the competency based education certificate

need the certificate

I have successfully completed the course of Pre-school education but in profile it's always shows ongoing hence I am unable to receive my completion certificate. I sending screenshot of the course and profile section. Pease help
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