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Completion certificate not received

After completing the course successfully, I have not received the certificate yet. The course name is CBSE_Integration ICT in Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Pl do the needful.

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I don't receive my certificate after completing training
I have not received my certificates

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Certificate is not showing

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I have not received my certificate after completing my modules
I have not received my certificate
I have not received my certificate yet
मुझे अभी तक पूर्णता का प्रमाण पत्र नही मिला है

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I have not received my certificate .

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I have completed my MH_M2 and MH_M3 courses but it not yet receive the certificate
मी माझे निष्ठा प्रशिक्षण पूर्ण केले आहे परंतु मला माझे MH M-2 चे प्रमाणपत्र मिळाले नाही तरी प्रमाणपत्र देण्यात यावे
Certificate not received module 11. Please help me.

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मॉड्यूल 11 पूर्ण होने के बावजूद certificate not received. Updates and refresh अनगिनत बार कर चुके है।
I have completed my course-5, Delhi-SCERT-Integration of ICT in teaching, learning and Assessment. In the given time period 3rd November to 17 the November 2020.but could not receive my certificate of course completion. I am continuously writing to Yogesh kumar sir Rajendra nagar diet whose number was given for resolving our problems. Sir please send my certificate. Although I have received all other certificates of course completion. My course id-rajendra_46mt
I received module 11 certificate. Thanks
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