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Blank certification

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Mp prayawarn adhyayan ka shiksha shshtra module 8 ka praman patra download me mohanlal arya k naam se show ho raha. Unhe hatkar mera praman patra download k option me aana chahiye.
I have completed my curriculum and inclusive classroom course but till not received certificate pls help me
I have completed Nishtha training all three modules on 16th August. No certificates issued till date. Reinstalled app, update done no difference. Please help
I have not received any rec
I have successfully completed all the courses of mp_sec. It is showing 100 percent progress but no certificate has come yet. Also the old certificate of previous courses are gone. No icon is visible for them to download. Please help me at an earliest. I have attached screenshot of the courses completed and no icon show for certificate download. As u can see for courses completed in 2020, certificates are gone. And for courses completed in 2021, certificate icon is not showing despite all my efforts. Also marks obtained in exams are very good.

I have still not received my certificate of experiential learning. Please send. 

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