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Cannot compete the course

I completed and submitted the evaluation part of a module but it's not showing completed. Therefore After completion of Modules, it's showing incomplete.

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The CG6 Arts Integrated Education module is complete. but the course is showing incomplete.

Despite completing the course, I am unable to see completion after few days

I am unable to complete module no 15
Unable to complete module3 ,just the developers send me a link of this page refered as fresh desk but here is nothing to resolve my problem .Do something so that I can complete module 3 and download the certificate.
Unable to complete my module 12 urdu medium,just the developers send me a link of this Page refered as fresh desk please give me a link sir
I am unable to complete ICSE health and well being in schools' course. It is showing please read the content before rating. What to do?? Only the videos are not able to play.
Please solve this issue
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