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completion certificate not generated

I have completed my module Br_विद्यालय नेतृत्व-संकल्पना और अनुप्रयोग 7 days before but my certificate is not generated.

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Due to poor connectivity of network i did complete my course at the day date and certificate didn't generate... Kindly do a little favour to generate my certificate of AN_Initiatives in school education.
Module 17 course completed by me. But not showing 100% in profile and no certificate has been generated.

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Sir module no.15 is not complete so please open it
module 3 has been completed by me but there is not tick marked in certificate only even after watching
I have completed pathan pathan mulyakan me ICT ki bhumika on 1Aug 2021. But not got my certificate. In my first attempt I got 25 out of 40.In my third attempt I got 20 out of 20. But my first attempt marks shows on my profile and certificate is not uploaded in my learner passbook
This is to inform you that I , Pankajini Sahoo, completed 7 training in January, 2023 . After completion of 7 trainings in time with 70% and above in quiz i have not received certificates for these 7 trainings. Please help me with this issue.

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