Explore DIKSHA

An anonymous user can explore DIKSHA and access the content available in the repository.

Selecting Language

Step Screen
1. Click drop-down icon to change the language. The portal is available in multiple languages:
 a. English
 b. Hindi
 c. Kannada
 d. Bengali
 e. Marathi
 f. Tamil
 g. Telugu
 h. Urdu

Searching Content on DIKSHA Portal

On DIKSHA you can search for content using the Search bar, QR codes or Explore Content options

Step Screen
Using Keywords
1. Enter keywords in the search bar
2. Click Enter or the Search icon to search using the search bar
Using QR Codes
1. Click Enter QR Code
2. Enter the 6 digit Code
3. Click Submit. Content tagged to the given code is displayed
Using Explore options
1.Select the following from their respective drop-down menus:
 a) Board
 b) Medium
 c) Class
 d) Subject
2. Click Submit. The search results are displayed
3. Click Reset to reset the filters

For more details on Library section refer Library
For more details on Courses section refer Taking a Course