Understanding QR Codes

Energized Textbook (ETB) is a feature aimed at providing access to digital content for various topics in physical textbooks. On DIKSHA, books are compiled or curated from school books or any book that conform to syllabi of state or central boards or any recognized institution or publication, in the said medium of instruction and language. Based on a predetermined understanding, QR codes are attached to physical textbooks and related content is created on DIKSHA. This document explains the procedure of scanning QR Codes in DIKSHA and accessing related content using QR code.

Accessing Digital Content

The digital content can be accessed using QR Codes. To generate a QR Code contact your system administrator.

  • QR code is formed using patterns of black dots and white spaces along with a six digit unique identifer assigned to a textbook. The QR code associated with the book or content enhances the discoverability of the content or the book.

You can use the 6 digit code under the QR code, instead of scanning the QR code every time you search for the content. For ease of access the QR code is printed on the text book.