Installing and Registering

Installing DIKSHA App

You can install the DIKSHA app using Google Play store

Step Screen
1. Search DIKSHA NCTE on your Google Play store
1. Tap OPEN after the app is installed
Granting Permissions
1. Tap ALLOW to provide access to the following data to use the app at its best:
  • Access photos, media and files
  • Access to record audio
  • Take pictures and record video
  • Providing Location
    1. Tap State to select the state from the drop-down list
    2. Tap District to select the district from the drop-down list
    3. Tap SUBMIT to submit your location

    Registering on DIKSHA App

    You can register on DIKSHA app using either of the following three methods:

    • Google account: Login with your google account. To know more refer Login with Google account

    • State ID: Login with the user ID and password provided by the state. To know more refer Login with State System

    • Self Register: Create your login credentials to access DIKSHA app.

    The Register here or self sign-up feature allows you to register on DIKSHA app on your own. It usually takes its own time to start the login process. The dependency is around institutions and states to onboarding a user, data collection, create and enable teacher accounts. To fast-track the system adoption, DIKSHA app is equipped with the self register process.

    Step Screen
    1. Tap Register here link on the Log into DIKSHA page. A Your Location pop-up page is displayed
    2. A Your Location pop-up page is displayed. Enter the following details:
     a. State
     b. District
    3. Tap Submit to provide the app your location

    4. The Register on DIKSHA page is displayed, enter the following details:
     a. Full Name
     b. Phone Number or Email Address
     c. Password
     d. Confirm Password
    5. Tap Register
    On successfully registering, an OTP confirmation page is displayed
    6. Enter the OTP that you have received
    Note: The OTP is sent either to your phone or email based on your selection while registering
    7. Tap Resend OTP, if you have trouble receiving the OTP
    8. Tap Submit to verify your account and complete the registration

    Selecting Display Language for DIKSHA Mobile App

    Once you login to DIKSHA mobile app, set the display language for your app.

    Step Screen
    1. Select a language from the list
    2. Tap CONTINUE
    Note: If you tap the CONTINUE button without selecting any language, Select a language message is displayed

    Selecting a User Profile

    You can browse the DIKSHA mobile app as an anonymous user; the app displays curated content based on the selected user profile

    Step Screen
    To select the user profile
    1. Select from the following list:
    3. Tap to Scan if you have a QR code in your textbook. To know more refer Scanning QR Codes
    4. Or enter the following details and tap SUBMIT