All content resources that you have saved on your device or popular artifacts from the portal are maintained in the Library. On the Library tab you can:

  • View the library content details
  • Search and filter for content available in the library
  • Download content
  • Play content online
  • Rate content
  • Share content
  • Delete downloaded content from the device


  • You are on Library tab

Exploring and Viewing Content Details

Step Screen
1. Tap the Library icon to view all the resources in your library
2. The content is sorted according to the medium and class you have selected. If more than one medium and class are selected, the content is sorted using the first filter option
3. Swipe and browse the relevant resources in that the content category
4. Tap the content card to open and view content details
5. Tap SEE MORE BOOKS AND CONTENT to view all the books and content available for a subject

Searching and Filtering Content

Step Screen
1. Tap the Search icon
2. Enter the keywords to search for relevant content
3. The list of relevant contents is displayed here
1. You can filter the content by using the filter icon on top of search result page:
2. You can filter the search result using:
 a. Board
 b. Class
 c. Subject
 d. Medium
 e. Resource Type

Accessing Content

You can view the selected content on DIKSHA mobile app from the Library. Both anonymous and signed-in users can play and view the content.

Step Screen
1. Tap a content card to open the content. The content page is displayed.
2. Tap PLAY button to view content. To know more about playing content online, refer Playing Content Online
3. Tap the Download icon to download the content. To know more about downloading a content, refer Downloading content
4. Tap the Share icon to share the content. To know more about sharing content, refer Sharing content
5. Tap the Rate icon to rate the content. To know more about rating content, refer Rating content

Playing Content Online

Play online option is available for the contents that is compatible with online streaming. The supported file formats for online streamings are ECML content, PDF, ePub, HTML, HSP, Video MP4, Video Webm, YouTube content. You can play these content online without downloading them.

Step Screen
Tap a content card to open a content
1. Tap PLAY button to play the content online.
1. The content is played on the inbuilt player

Downloading Content

The contents that are on DIKSHA server are not played online. To view these content, you need to download the content on your mobile

Step Screen
Tap the content card to open the content
1. Tap Download to play to start downloading a content. The Download pop-up is displayed here
2. Tap Download to download and play the content
1. The progress of the download (%) is displayed alongside the download button. The content is downloaded on your device.
2. Tap Hide to minimize the download pop-up
3. Tap CANCEL to stop downloading the content
Note: You can download content only when you are connected to the Internet. However, you can view the downloaded content Offline

Changing Users

When you play content online, you can change the user before playing the content

Step Screen

Tap a content from the trainining batch list to open the content detail page
1. Tap PLAY. The Play As pop-up is displayed here
2. Tap Yes to countinue playing the content with same user
3. Tap Change User to select another user available in the device
4. On tapping the Change user the Users and Groups screen is displayed
5. Select USERS from the list
6. Tap PLAY to play the content

Rating Content

Once you view the content the Rating Content option is displayed here

Step Screen
1. Tap the right arrow once you finish playing the content
A page appears where you can rate the content
2. Use the Star icons to rate the content
3. Provide your feedback in the Feedback field
Adding comments as feedback is optional
4. Tap SUBMIT to submit your rating and feedback
Note: Rating content option is not available for all kind of content apart from HTML content
Anonymous (guest) users can also rate viewed content

Deleting Content

Step Screen
1. Tap a content card to open a content
2. Tap Delete icon, a Delete pop up is displayed
3. Tap Delete to remove the content from your device

The share and delete features are common to all content types, viz. Courses, Library resources and content linked to QR codes

Sharing Content

Step Screen
Tap a content card to open the content
1. Tap Share icon to share the content As Link or As File through different channels
2. Select a channel to share the content
3. Send the content