Join a Training


DIKSHA offers a wide range of trainings. Registered users can join these trainings or are invited to join trainings by the institute they are associated with. There are two types of trainings available on DIKSHA:

  • Open: These trainings are available under Open for enrollment section of the app. Any registered user can join the training.

  • Invite only: These trainings are available, only when a user is invited to the training batch as a participant by the mentor. Users cannot join themselves in these trainings.

Guidelines of taking a training varies from training to training and are upto the discretion of the training creator.


  1. You are logged in as a registered user
  2. You have tapped on the Trainings tab

Joining a Training

Step Screen
On the Trainings page,
1. Browse for the training under Open for enrollment category
2. Tap the content card or tap OPEN to view the training
3. The training detail page is displayed
4. Tap Join Training
5. The Batch details page for the selected training is displayed
6. The following details of an upcoming or an ongoing batch is displayed
 a. Start and end date of the batch
 b. Batch creator
 c. Last date of enrolment in a batch
7. Tap Join to join the training
Note: A user can join a training only when logged in as a registered user else the user is asked to log in and then join the training.

To know more on features of taking a course, refer

Leaving a Training

Any registered user can use the Leave Training feature if they want to leave from the training.

Users can leave a training under the following conditions:

  • The training is selected from Open for enrollment section
  • The training is not completed
  • The training batch is not expired
Step Screen
1. Select a training from the My Courses section or search for the training by entering the training name in search bar.
The training is displayed as a search result
2. Tap the training to open the training details page.
1. Tap the burger menu icon
2. Tap Leave Training
3. The Leave Training pop-up box is displayed
4. Tap Confirm to leave the training
5. Tap Cancel

Taking a Training

Step Screen
1. Browse the training under My Courses section
2. Tap RESUME to open the training
3. Tap Start Now to start your training
4. Tap Download icon to download the training
Note: You can view all downloaded content offline

Sharing Content

Step Screen
Tap a training card to open the training
1. Tap Share icon to share the training content
2. Select a channel to share the training from different options

To understand the various feature offered by the content player while taking the training

  • Inbuilt Content Player: On clicking on the course material links, the course content is displayed in the inbuilt content player

  • Content Player Menu: On clicking the course player menu for the content player options, the name of the course is displayed on the header

  • Taking Notes: You can maintain separate notes for each course that you take

After you complete the course Download Certificates, Verify Certificates