User Profile


Creating and updating a profile on DIKSHA platform is a seamless process. It allows registered users to extend and provide information related to their experience, skills, education, awards, etc. Providing this information helps the system provide personalized recommendations for trainings to upgrade your skills, selects you for custom programs, connects you to others in the community, build bridges for collaboration, etc. You may choose to create, update or edit your profile information at any time.

Note: Fields marked with (*) are mandatory fields. Enter details in all mandatory fields. You cannot submit the form in case you miss out entering details in any of the mandatory fields. In such a case, an error message is displayed. Close the message box and provide the required details, before you proceed to submit the form.


Step Screen
1. Log in and click the Profile drop-down menu
2. Click the Profile option from the drop-down menu to view or edit your personal information

Viewing Profile Details

The profile page allows you to view and edit your personal profile details.

Step Screen
General Profile Information
The profile section displays the following information about the user:
 a. Username
 b. User ID
 c. User role
 d. Organization
 e. Location
Note: The green tick mark on the profile icon indicates that the user is verified by their state administration
Contact Information
This section displays the contact information of the user:
 a. Mobile number
 b. Email address
 c. Add Recovery ID. The recovery ID could be a mobile number or an email address
Recovery ID
The section provides the following information:
 a. Select Email address to enter the recovery email address or Phone Number
 b. Enter a valid email address or phone number
 c. Click Submit to confirm
Other Details
The section provides the following information:
 a. Board
 b. Medium
 c. Classes
 d. Subjects
Contribution and Training Details
If you have published any content On DIKSHA, it is displayed in the Contributionssection. Trainings attended or completed on DIKSHA are displayed in the Trainings Attended section

Editing Profile Details

You can edit the following details using the Profile tab:

  • Personal details such as name, state, and district
  • Contact details such as a mobile number and email ID
  • Other details such as board, medium, subject, and class

For details refer how to edit profile details