Enrol in a Course


DIKSHA offers a wide range of courses. Signed-in users can self enrol in these courses or are invited to join courses by the institute they are associated with. There are two types of courses available on the portal:

  • Open: These courses are available under Open for Enrolment section of the portal. Any signed-in user can enrol themselves in the course

  • Invite only: These courses are available, only when a user is invited to the course batch as a participant by the mentor. Users cannot self enrol in these courses.

Guidelines of taking a course vary from course to course and are upto the discretion of the course creator.

Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You have clicked on the Courses tab 

Enrolling in a Course

Step Screen
Select a course from Open for Enrolment section. The course details page is displayed here
1. Click Enrol to enrol in the course
Note: A user can voluntarily enrol and unenrol from an open course
1. Click Enrol to Course on the Course pop-up screen
2. Click X icon to go back to the previous screen
The following details about the course are displayed here:
1. Name of the course
2. Rating assigned to this course
3. Click Share icon to share the course
4. Description about the course
5. Click Folder icon or (+) icon, to view the content of the course under Course Structure section. The table of contents of the course is displayed here
Note: Signed in users can view what content is covered within each unit of the table of contents in a course

1. The progress of the user is captured and displayed on the Your Progress bar
Note: When the course ends the course progress bar is greyed out in the Courses Card and Course TOC page. To know more, refer Accessing Course after Batch Expiry
2. Click Resume Course to revisit the section of the course you last visited. To know more, refer Resuming a Course
3. View the upcoming and ongoing batch details in Batches section
4. Click Unenrol to unregister yourself from the course. To know more, refer Unenroling from a Course
5. Click + Add Notes. To know more, refer Taking Notes
6. The list of content types in the course materials is displayed here, for example, pdf, video
7. The list of Creators, Contributors, and Creation Date of the course are displayed here
8. Click Course Credits to view all attribution details

Inbuilt Content Player

On clicking on the course material links, the course content is displayed in the inbuilt content player

Step Screen
1. Click Menu to view the player options available
2. Click left scroll icon to go to previous page or slide of course content
3. Click right scroll icon to go to the next page or slide of course content
4. Click Previous, to view study material preceding the current material in the course content list
5. Click Next to view study material immediately subsequent to current material from the course material list
6. Click Take Note to make any notes on the current course material
7. Click Resume Course to continue from where you had stopped earlier
8. Click X icon to exit the course. In case you click on the close icon before the course is completed, you can still resume the course. For details refer Resuming a course

Content Player Menu

On clicking the course player menu for the content player options, the name of the course is displayed on the header

Step Screen
1. Click Replay to replay the study material
2. Click Sound on to turn on or off sound for audio or video study material
3. Click Teacher’s Note to view teacher’s notes for the current course material
4. Click Home to navigate to the Homepage

Taking Notes

You can maintain separate notes for each course that you take

Step Screen
Click Take a Note option to take notes
1. Enter an appropriate Title for your note, such that you can easily identify and retrieve the note
2. Enter Details of the note
3. The toolbar comprises of various text formatting options
4. Click Clear, to delete and rewrite your notes. On clicking clear, the title is also cleared
5. Click Save to save the changes

Resuming a Course

When you close your current course, deliberately or accidentally, even before the completion of the course you can resume and continue with the progress of the course. To resume a course ensure that the batch for the course is not expired. You can open the course from My Courses section

Step Screen
1. Click Resume Course to revisit the section of the course you last visited
2. Click on the topic/unit from the table of content to directly view the section of the course

Accessing Course after Batch Expiry

When a user opens the course for which the batch has expired:

Step Screen
An alert message appears "This course has ended and your progress in locked. However, you may continue using the remaining content
The user can proceed with the course, however the user's progress of the course completion will not be captured.
Multiple Batches
Consider a scenario: you have enrolled in a batch and that batch has expired. To continue with the course, you must enrol in another batch of the course. To find any upcoming or ongoing batch of the course, use the search and filter option on the Courses tab.
1. Click Resume to continue with the course in an expired batch.
Note: The progress for this batch will not be captured
2. Click Enrol to register for an ongoing or upcoming batch
Note: The cumulative progress is captured when you proceed with the batch
Once you enrol in the ongoing or upcoming batch for the course, the course card appears under My courses tab. There are individual course card for each batch.
1. Search for the course name using search bar
2. Browse and select the course with ongoing batch under My Courses tab
3. Click to open and proceed with the course
4. This progress bar represents an incomplete and expired course
5. This progress bar represents a current course
Note: The user can resume a course in an ongoing batch. Also, they can resume the course from the section they conducted just before the batch expired. It captures the cumulative progress of the two courses.

Unenrolling from a Course

Any registered user can use the unenrol feature when they want to discontinue from an enrolled course. Users can unenrol from a course under the following conditions:

  • The course is selected from open for enrollment section
  • The course is not completed
  • The course batch is not expired
Step Screen
1. Click Unenrol to unenrol and withdraw from the course. A prompt window is displayed
2. Click Unenrol. On successfully unerolling from the course, a confirmation message is displayed
3. Click Cancel to go back to the previous screen
Note: Once a user unenrols from a course, the Unenrol button is disabled. The user will receive an email notification on unenrolling.