Creating Content

Who can create content on DIKSHA?

Users with content creation rights can create content on DIKSHA.

Who can create textbook?

Users with book creation rights can create textbook on DIKSHA.

Can I create a course?

Any user with a content creation rights in DIKSHA can create a course on DIKSHA desktop application.

To create a course, follow the below steps:

Step Screen
1. Log in to DIKSHA desktop application with your credentials
2. Click on Workspace
3. Click the Create tab
4. Click the Course tile

How to modify a course and course content sequence?

To view Names of courses and course contents that you have created, go to Your Workspace > Course. The Names are displayed in the left navigation pane where you can:

  1. Click to collapse/expand the content associated with each Name
  2. Drag and drop the Names in the required order to modify the sequence in which you want content to appear
  3. Click the "X" icon to delete any content