Content Types

What is the difference between a course, content, book and a resource?

  • Content​ is a complete learning unit that can be used by any user. Content can be of several types, for example; course, Book, lesson, worksheet, etc.
  • Course​ is content provided in sequence, broken down in modules, open for enrolment and completion for a duration. You can attach prerequisites for a course, and it may contain assessments.
  • Book​ is a collection of content units. It can be compiled or curated from school Books that conform to syllabi of state or central boards, for a grade, in the said medium of instruction and language.Books may also be compiled separately without adhering to any syllabus, but forming a logical unit of content pieces for the given subject matter.
  • Resource​ is the simplest/smallest unit of content that can be created by any user.

What is a lesson plan?

Lesson plan is a structured outline of a given topic/unit/chapter to be taught in any given day. Lesson plan aids to streamline teaching and create an engaging learning experience​.

Where can I create content?

You can create content in your workspace on DIKSHA. To access your workspace

  1. Sign in DIKSHA portal using your registered credentials (You need to have content creation rights)
  2. Click ​ Profile tab on the header
    Click the Profile Icon​ and select​ Profile
  3. Click ​ View your Workspace​ from the right side of the profile page
    Click ​ Profile Icon on the header > select ​ Workspace ​ from the drop-down list

Note: First time users must obtain creation rights from their respective organization administrators. For details, refer section User Rights and Permissions