Content Upload

What is bulk upload? Is bulk upload possible on DIKSHA?

It is not possible for registered users to do bulk upload of content on DIKSHA

Can you upload content at regular intervals or is there a specific time window for content upload?

You can upload content anytime from anywhere provided you have Internet connectivity.

Are APIS required to pull content?

APIs are not required to pull content into DIKSHA repository.

What analytics are available for Youtube videos on DIKSHA?

The analytics for Youtube videos are derived from the following telemetry events:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • Seek (Drag time control)
  • Heartbeat event (an event every 3 min just to ensure that video is being played)

These events are available as a stream and not aggregated as a metric.

Is there an option on DIKSHA to restrict content download based on specific request from YouTube channels or users?

If a YouTube channel does not want their content to be available on DIKSHA, they can report/flag/request content creator to delete the content.

Is there any size restriction when uploading Youtube videos?

No, there are no size restrictions. On DIKSHA, Youtube video URLS are shared, and thus there are no size restrictions.

Will ads be played when watching Youtube content on DIKSHA?

YouTube allows uploader of the video decide if they wish to monetise their videos. ​Read more here​. So, as you stream videos on Diksha the ads will play. However, any link uploaded on DIKSHA undergoes an internal review as per the review guidelines. If the video has any content or ad that does not adhere to the guidelines, the reviewer flags the video and the content creator is notified. Note: Videos are not downloaded or hosted on Diksha servers, they are played directly from YouTube.

How can you fix errors after uploading content?

To fix errors on content that is already published:

  1. Click ​ Edit​ on the content to be modified
  2. Modify the content
  3. Save​ the changes
  4. Send the artefact for review

Note: When you click on Edit to modify the content, the status of the artefact changes to ‘Draft’. Until the draft copy is approved and republished, the existing content will continue to be displayed on the site.