Content Reviews

Who reviews content?

Any content added/uploaded in DIKSHA portal undergoes a review process before publishing. Designated reviewers review the content. The content is reviewed based on defined guidelines.

Sending Content for Review

  1. Click​ ​ Send for Review button​ on the header to send the created content for review
  2. If the content is submitted successfully, a message ​ Successfully sent for Review is displayed, else the associated error message is displayed.

Note: After review, if there are corrections or modifications to be made, the creator needs to rework on the content. The creator is notified via email.

Incorporating Review Changes

If there are corrections or modifications to be made, the creator needs to rework on the content. After incorporating the review comments, the creator must submit the content for a review again.

Note: The reviewed content that needs rework is displayed in your workspace under ​ Drafts​ . Click on the content to edit and make the changes.

What are the criteria to review content?

DIKSHA is currently in the process of finalizing the review guidelines.

The guidelines to review content include:

  • Whether the content/ upload is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic in nature.
  • Whether the language/image/illustration/ sound/ video is vulgar, offensive and/or lewd Whether the act could be easily imitated by children and be harmful or dangerous for them.
  • Whether the content could be used to commit serious acts of violence.
  • Whether the act in question could lead to serious injury or death.
  • Whether the content depicts physical attacks.
  • Whether it is bloody or gory or aggressive.
  • Whether the content shows the graphic aftermath of a violent act.
  • Whether breasts, buttocks or genitals (clothed or unclothed) are shown hether the content setting is sexually suggestive Whether subjects are depicted in poses that appear to be sexual in nature

Can you review your own content?

All content must be reviewed by a designated reviewer. If you are a designated reviewer, content submitted by you must be reviewed by another designated reviewer.