Issuing Badges to Users


Awarding Badges to people is a mechanism commonly used to recognize their skills and accomplishments. Badges can represent an award, a certificate, an endorsement or an authorization. Organizations can assign badges to users for:

  • Completing prescribed courses
  • Using DIKSHA in classrooms for prescribed or more duration of time
  • Creating content that is highly used
  • Awards and certifications received offline

Currently, badges are issued to users using APIs.

Issuing Badges to Users

  1. Create the required badges.
    Note: For details, refer to Create Badges

  2. Make a list of the issuer ID and badge ID of each badge created

  3. Use the Create Badge Assertion API, and issue the created badges to each user. For each badge, it is mandatory to provide the following details:
      a. Issuer ID
      b. Badge ID
      c. Profile ID of the user