Issuing Badges for Content


Badging plays a critical role in the creation and curation of content and courses. Badging content is primarily useful in organizing, searching and recommending suitable content. It enables increased content usage. Organization administrators, on DIKSHA, can create and assign badges to content. Organizations can create any badge titles such as Popular, Recommended etc. For more details on creating badges, refer Creating Badges.

In this documentation, for the pupose of explaining the process of issuing badges to content we have used the example of a badge, titled, Official.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in as the Badge Issuer
2. You have clicked on Library

Searching for Content

Currently, on DIKSHA, badges can be assigned only to books.

Step Screen
1. Enter the name of the book in the search tab
2. The search bar displays suggestions. Select from the suggestions, OR
3. Click the search icon after you type the name of the book
1. Select the respective options to Explore the content from the following drop-down menus:
 a) Board
 b) Medium
 c) Class
 d) Subject
2. Click Apply to apply filters and fetch the search results
3. Click Reset to reset the selected filter options
1. Select the book for which you want to assign the badge

Issuing Badges

Step Screen
1. Select the badge
2. Click YES I’M SURE to assign the badge
3. Click CANCEL to go back to the previous screen
1. Once the badge is successfully assigned, the badge appears on the book as shown in the image